Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quilt Progress March 2009

Here is how far I have gotten on the quilt restoration project. If you click on the collage it will get bigger and you will be able to see it better. The panel on the lower left shows the famous spider, almost lost her in the process.

The stitching around the edges between the old quilt and the framing material is what I have done. I have made it around three sides of one panel so far. I am getting less awkward and am doing much better since I abandoned the antique thread. I will use the old thread again for small sections, and will use the sections of thread that are in the best condition. No use making it harder than it is.

Part of me is very embarrassed by my lack of skill. When this quilt was originally made, probably between 1910 and 1919, girls were not allowed near a project like this. They practiced hand sewing by hemming dish towels, handkerchiefs, sheets, pillow cases - you name it. While you are naming it remember to be thankful for the stacks of linens, blankets and couch cushions that you own and have not made by hand! I digress.

Part of me is quite proud I have even tackled this at all! I rarely sew, even by machine and I am getting better. By the time I finish the fourth panel, I will be quite accomplished or I will never want to see a needle again.

NOTE: Today is Gramma Dee Dee's birthday, she was born this day March 7, 1893! This is her 116th anniversary of birth. That makes the quilt older as I am quite sure she was allowed to stitch the spider as a reward for learning a bible verse when she was ten years old.
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Carol said...

Hi Lori!
Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog! I'm glad you found me through Artful Blogging and like my blog! I feel so honored that they published my photos and story :)
Your quilt looks beautiful already!
Warmest wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany sends you