Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogging Practice Challenge!

I intend to have a practice of blogging daily in 2009 and this will be a month of blogs to get me in the habit of doing it.

B and I found a hilarious site, a knock-off from the NANOWRIMO, the site. (Makes you wonder about poor Mo.) Anyway, National Blog Post Month, is a challenge to write and post for thirty consecutive days on your blog. If anyone is interested (or if anyone is even reading) in seeing the original challenge here is the link . Okay – I just went to the site to check the link and really – it is not hilarious, many folk are really committed to this as a contribution – it just strikes ME as hilarious…must be something about ME!

Being the ornery and obstinate females that we are, B and I have modified the challenge to our own uses, and plan to write a post daily, but not to post them as we figure this will give us about 3 months of posts if we are smart about it.

The blog site that I mean to post to is meant for my writing and art journaling life. I have several blogs and have stopped blogging altogether and actually miss doing it. I will have to get better at taking pictures of my art journaling so I can post them too. I believe B and I are agreeing to post written entries, but I should check with her on that, maybe the Sunday post could be a picture. Give us a break…HA!

I think we should probably write around 300 words per post to make it something we don’t just wander off from – but actually develop a useful habit – with posts having a beginning, a middle and an end. And posts that make a point.

The point? To develop a habit of posting to my blogs on a daily basis. The point of posting? To communicate (one of my highest values) the fun and juiciness of playing in the world of words and art.

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