Thursday, January 8, 2009

Leaking Creativity

I am particularly drawn to art blogs in my genre that have creative challenges. Some have weekly challenges and some have monthly challenges, some have a theme for the year…all of them leave me thinking – well couldn’t I do that? Wouldn’t that - meeting a deadline or matching a theme - get me moving in a time frame or structure? Wouldn’t I do more art that way? Recently I have been thinking about a site that I visit from time to time . This site is fairly low-key but it has me thinking about being creative every day. And feeling that even though I have good intentions I fall far short of the mark.

I was fairly frustrated this week having planned to get organized and set up for my artwork “as soon as I get the Christmas things put away.” Here it is Thursday the 8th day of the month and I still am not set up for artwork on a daily basis. On a good day I get through the business and the household chores in good order and then fold. My good intentions lost in the press to make dinner or just get caught up on the latest DVD or book or you name it.

Yesterday in particular, though I was outwardly calm, seemed fraught with emergencies, interruptions and unexpected needs. My two business partners were evacuated from their homes because of fire, and my two grandchildren are sick and needed to stay at our house overnight – I mean this is real stuff!

Then during my meditation this morning I thought – well heck, I’ve gotten at least three pages written each morning, I posted to my blog three times so far and have two other pieces written for it though not posted, I got the written parts for my altered book done, I painted two pages in the same altered book as well as made a place for the introduction. My vision board collage for 2009 is half done and I have worked on it a couple of times since the first of the month. I helped my granddaughter with how to use acrylic paints and watched a movie with the grandson, while explaining and demonstrating building a fire and keeping it going…all creative stuff!

It may be time to let go of thinking I am not creative every day. It may not look the same for me as it does for someone else, but my creative expression is leaking through on a daily basis.
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